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09.10.2022 13:20
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Registered Office & Secretary
Some jurisdictions laws require to assign a Corporate Secretary with association of the Registered Office of the company. For example, it is required by law officer in Gibraltar, Cyprus, Malta and Hong Kong. Or, it is an optional position in Ireland, United Kingdom or Marshall Islands. A Corporate Secretary is quite a different positon from what we commonly understand by secretarial services. A Corporate Secretary is an official officer in the company, who oversees the efficient administration of a company, especially in respect of compliance with statutory and administrative requirements. The main duties of the Company Secretary may vary from country to country, but commonly those are:

To keep and sometimes issue share certificates;
To maintain the company’s statutory registers;
To maintain and update all company registers;
To keep the company’s seal;
To prepare the notices for board meetings or shareholders’ meetings;
To prepare and lodge filings and minutes of the company’s meetings;
To prepare and file annual returns and other financial documents with the Trade Register;
To prepare any other document required by the law;
To sign statutory declarations on behalf of the company and authenticate documents.

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