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Biographie Aluminium foil in jumbo roll is suitable for further rewinding into kitchen foil of several meters packed in colour box. It helps to preserve daily food by protect it from light, odour, moisture, and bacteria during cooking and storage. This aluminum foil jumbo roll material is suitable in many circumstances such as roasting, freezing, baking, catering, and miscellaneous kitchen use. Besides, it has excellent performance in microwave oven.

Aluminum plate is the most often used for heavy-duty applications, particularly in the transportation product manufacturing, aerospace and military industries. Since certain aluminum alloys have the potential to become more durable at extremely cold temperatures, aluminum plate serve as the skin of spacecraft fuel tanks and jets, and can also be useful for storage tanks. Moreover, you can use aluminum plate in the manufacture of structural sections used in ships and railcars and for military vehicle armor.

Aluminum circle is one kind of round aluminum disc. It is known that an aluminum circle is a metal material with high heat dissipation and thermal conductivity. So manufacturers use it as a raw material to produce various forms of products. According to incomplete statistics, about half of the world’s cooking utensils are made from aluminum. This is because using aluminum circles to make cookware can significantly increase the physical and chemical properties of the cookware. It gives better electrical and thermal conductivity as well as heat resistance.

The biggest advantage of the aluminum foil in the aluminum foil-end products is that it blocks oxygen and moisture very well, and the water and oxygen permeability are both 1, which is a good barrier material. In addition, the aluminum foil in the aluminum foil-end products has good heat resistance, good light reflectivity and gloss, good shape at high and low temperatures, suitable for high-temperature cooking, and can withstand up to 125 degrees Celsius. However, as the material itself, the aluminum foil in the aluminum foil-end products also has its own limitations. The biggest disadvantage of aluminum foil is that it is brittle and easy to break. It's more difficult to recombine. 
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